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lion hunting North AmericaMountain lion hunts (cougars) are an excellent opportunity for big game hunting. Tracking and stalking a cougar as it courses the mountains and foothills on its hunting forays is, without doubt, one of the toughest challenge a hunter can undertake. A mature cat can cover twenty miles in a twenty-four hour period over and through the most inhospitable and roughest terrain imaginable.

We work with a number of outfitters in many western states. Wherever there are deer, mule, coues deer and/or bighorn sheep you will find them. There are two main methods of taking mountain lions. (1) hunting them with the aid of hounds or (2) by calling with a predator or other type of call. 

Photography, rifle, pistol, black powder or archery hunts are available.


Arizona lion huntingArizona offers some of the best lion hunting in the world with a liberal season with permits available over the counter from any Arizona Game and Fish licensed dealer during most of the year.

This outfitter hunts in terrain that varies from snow-covered peaks in the winter to desert habitat. While lions can be hunted year-round, we feel that November through February is the prime time. They work with the AZ Game and Fish Department and Wildlife Services to take lion in areas where ranchers are having depredation problems with livestock or with deer, antelope or bighorn sheep.

Hunting lions with hounds is probably the surest way to take one of the big cats in a short period of time.  However, if you want a change of pace we also offer the use of wildlife calls, decoys and complete camouflage and scent masking to hunt cougars.

Generally, your guide will call 15 to 20 predators (coyotes, bobcats, foxes, badgers and lions) on a 5-day hunt.  Usually Mountain Lions take from 45 minutes to 3 hours to come to a call so if a coyote, bobcat, fox or badger responds in less than 20 minutes, the hunter is free to take the lesser predator as long as it is in season.

Tags are sold over the counter and the outfitter will assist with securing your tag for you.


Idaho offers a great opportunity for winter mountain lion hunts. Their season runs from the first of December until the end of March. This outfitter has exclusive commercial hunting rights to over 700 square miles in the rugged Sawtooth Wilderness in central Idaho. They recommend hunting with hounds to track and take the reclusive mountain lions. These are strictly fair chase hunts in which they have a high success rate for mature cats due to their 30+ years of experience hunting in this area.

Tags are sold over the counter and the outfitter will assist with securing your tag for you.

7-day Guided Mountain Lion Hunt – $4,5000
(December 1st to March 31st)

7-day Guided Mountain Lion & Bobcat Hunt – $5,300
(December 15th to February 15th)

Hunting includes all lodging, meals, pick-up/drop-off at Boise Airport, guide fees and trophy care. Not included are license and tag, sale tax and gratuities. Idaho Non-resident hunting license: $141.50 & Non-resident Mountain Lion Tag: $151.75


Prepare yourself for a truly spectacular five-day mountain lion hunt in the pristine Gila Wilderness in Western New Mexico. The area was the first designated wilderness area in the United States and once you visit here it is easy to understand why. The Gila (pronounced heela) takes in about 3 million acres and has some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. From the sky-high mountains to the deep rocky canyons this is a great area to hunt. More famous for its Elk hunting, the Gila is without a doubt the most remote place in the lower 48 states. The outfitter operates out of a hunting base camp located about 50 miles from Silver City, NM. The camp was built in the early 1900’s and is a truly memorable

This hunt is horses and hounds. So those of you who really like to hunt with dogs and ride horses this is really a great hunting experience. A typical day consists of eating a good hot breakfast then saddling horses and putting the tracking collars on the dogs and heading off into the woods to look for lion tracks and sign. The hounds do most of the work, what their hunting for is the scent that the cat leaves everywhere he goes. Once the hounds find what they are looking for then the race is on.

5-day Guided Mountain Lion Hunt – $2,750

Hunting includes all lodging, meals, guide fees and trophy care. Not included are transportation to New Mexico to meet your guide, license and tag, sales tax, taxidermy or meat processing and gratuities.


Nevada lion huntingMountain lion tags are available for residents and nonresidents to purchase over the counter (two per year). In Nevada, you do not need any special permits to use dogs for lion hunting. The only permits needed are the hunting license and mountain lion tag.

Although this outfitter is based in northeastern Nevada, they are licensed to guide nearly anywhere throughout the state. This hunt is conducted on horseback and the hunter should be comfortable around horses and in physically good shape for a strenuous hunt. Lodging and campfire meals will be provided. The hunter will be responsible for all other personal gear for this hunt. This is a minimum five-day hunt.

Mountain lion quotas are established for each of Nevada’s three regions. When the harvest objective has been met for a given region, the lion season is closed in that region. Before you buy your airfare, give us a call to see which region is open when you want to hunt. Its important to note that within 72hrs of harvesting a mountain lion, the hunter must present the skull and hide to a representative of the Nevada Department of Wildlife for an inspection and a department seal must be affixed to the lion’s hide by a NDOW representative.

5-day Guided Mountain Lion Hunt – $3,000

Hunting includes all lodging, meals, guide fees and trophy care. Not included are transportation to Nevada to meet your guide, license and tag, sale tax, taxidermy or meat processing and gratuities. Nevada Non-resident hunting license: $142 & Non-resident Mountain Lion Tag: 104. Nevada resident hunting license: $33 & resident Mountain Lion Tag: $29.

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