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Hogs, Javelina & Boars

Texas hog huntingAs one of the smartest animals on the planet, wild boars or hogs offer an exciting hunt. Although boars do not possess great eyesight, they have a keen sense of smell and very fiery attitude. In fact, they have a reputation for wanting to hunt you as much as you want to hunt them. Combine this aggressive nature with the fact that boars have a very thick breastplate and many hunters find that they need multiple shots to take this animal down.

Many of these outfitters offer combo packages where you can combine a hog hunt with coyotes, fishing and other game to create a customized hunting experience. Please let us know if you are interested in multiple game hunts.


javelina hunting arizonaJavelina
This outfitter offers spot-n-stalk hunts for these gregarious, sociable, pig-like animals that hang in groups of 5 to 20 animals. Javelinas have poor eyesight, which enables hunters to approach within closer distances than other game. But don’t let that fool you. They have excellent sense of smell and you must stay upwind of the herd or they will bolt. January bow hunts can be combined with both Coues and Mule deer. Please inquire if interested. Success rate is 90% with rifle hunts and very high for archery, muzzleloaders and handguns. These hunts entail a great deal of walking and hunters are encouraged to condition themselves before arriving.

Typical handguns are the single-shot Thompson Contender/Encore or Remington XP100 centerfire cartridges, like .223, 22-250, .243 or the like. Revolvers in .357 magnum, .44 magnum etc are also common handguns that work well.

January 1-25 (archery season)
February 8-17 (Handgun/Muzzleloader)
February 22-28 (Rifle Season)
There is also a fall javelina season to coincide with deer season. Ask about combo hunts.

2×1 Package – 3 days – $1,000 per person
1×1 Package – 3 days – $1,350 per person
Archery Deer/Javelina Combo (1×1) – $2,250 per person
Add Javelina trophy fee to a rifle deer hunt – $400 per person

Packages include tent camp accommodations, meals, airport transfer (phoenix area), camp transportation and a guide. This outfitter offers both 1×1 and 2×1 options. If a hunter has not tagged by the scheduled end of the hunt, there is an option of paying a daily rate thereafter.

Licenses for javelina are by lottery application and the drawing odds for this outfitter is normally 100%. The deadline to apply is mid-October prior to the season. If you miss the deadline, there are sometimes leftover tags that can be purchased by mail. Bag limit is 1 javelina a year. Tag fee: $105 and hunting license fee: $151.2


Hunt a combination of wild feral hogs and Russian boars. This provides a variety of colors and sizes all with very large tusks. The ranch estimates a population of 1,000 hogs or more. Litters of 8 to 14 piglets are born twice a year. They need to control these critters to prevent over-population. The ranch is located less than 100 miles from San Antonio and offers whitetail deer, hogs, exotics and excellent bass fishing.

Package #1:
Unlimited hog hunting and bass fishing with 4 days, 3 nights lodging on the ranch with meals, sleeping accommodations are dormitory style, however, private rooms or executive suites are available at extra charge.
$950 per person

Package #2:
One day unlimited hog & fishing trip. Stay overnight at the lodge with meals and guide. Dormitory style accommodations; however, private rooms or executive suites are available at extra charge. The package includes ½ day fishing in the morning and ½ day afternoon/evening hog hunt
$395.00 per person

This outfitter in the Ozark Hills of South Central Missouri offers prized Russian boar available to hunt. These boars are native to Europe and Asia and now have been introduced to North American. This ranches pure strains have grown huge in size weighing from 200 to 550 pounds with tusks that often protrude up to five inches. These boars are built like a Sherman tank with very thick hide and are extremely tough. So you will want to bring the biggest caliber rifle or pistol you have. Bow hunters will need plenty of arrows.  The Tennessee grown Razorbacks are domestic hogs that have gone wild and can be brown, white, black or spotted. The ranch also offers a complimentary catch and release bass lake for its guests. No fishing license needed.

Boar – (Razorback to 300 pounds) – $995
Boar – (Russian to 300 pounds) – $1100
Boar – (Trophy Russian 400 to 500 pounds) – $2,350 to $3,500

All hunts include 2 nights lodging, home cooked meals, guide fees, field cleaning and trophy preparation, guaranteed hunting license and catch and release bass fishing. Meat processing, taxidermy, sales tax and guide gratuity not included.

Please call us at 1-888-685-0260 (Toll Free) or email us at

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